Game Review: Hungry Fish

Hungry Fish GamePlay Hungry Fish.  Do you remember those fish games where the object of the game was to eat all the smaller fish?  Well Hungry Fish is that style of game.  

All you need to do is control your shark using the arrow keys to swim around the ocean looking for fish to eat.  There are tons of little fish swimming around for you to choose from.  Keep eating them and with each one, your shark will become bigger and bigger.

Of course you want to do your best to avoid bigger fish as well as ones that are poisonous.  How good of a predator can you be?  You will score more points for each fish you eat.

Hungry fish is definitely a fun game if you are bored or have a few minutes to kill.  The only real downfall about the game is the fact that you don't have any extra lives or life power.  As soon as a bigger fish touches you or you try eating a poisonous one, that's it.  You are now dead and the game is over.  This makes the game play pretty quick and doesn't give you must chance to advance the game, but the difficulty factor does add a little fun to it.  Give Hungry fish a shot and see for yourself.

Game Review: Shark Hunter

Shark Hunter GameShark Hunter is a basic arcade style game in which you control a scuba diver being attacked by killer sharks.  The sharks will vary in size and will continually swim towards you.  You must avoid them or you will lose your life blood and be sure to shoot them with your harpoon gun.

This game really is in the arcade style since it's easy to pick up, easy to play and easy to put away.  The controls are pretty basic.  All you can really do is move up and down and fire.  There are tons of power ups that will come along your way just to add to the fun.  

You will pretty much go from level to level killing as many sharks as you can to increase your score.  After completing each level you will also be ranked on your accuracy for shooting the sharks.  So be sure to make every shot count.  Of course you have unlimited ammo, which is great for a game like this.

Like I said, it's a pretty basic game, but still good for some fun. As far as flash games go, it's pretty standard. Try it out today and challenge your friends to beat your score.

Game Review: Harpoon A Shark

Online Game Harpoon A SharkPlay Harpoon A Shark, a classic style shark game.  Actually no, don't play it.  It really is a terrible game.  I had thoughts of taking it off the site, but decided although it is an awful game, some people might enjoy it because of it's simpleness.

Harpoon A Shark is set up like the retro 80's classic game "Galaga," a fixed shooter arcade style game.  (if you're old enough to remember that game).  Instead of being in space, you are underwater and must use your harpoons to shoot the army of advancing sharks coming closer and closer to you.  

The control layout is really simple.  Left and right arrow keys will move your harpoon across the screen and spacebar will fire a harpoon.  If the harpoon hits the shark it disappears.  You will advance to the next level when you destroy all of the sharks.  With each new level, more sharks will appear.  

Like I said, this game is mind-numbing and super easy, but if you find yourself in a stretch of boredom........ You might want to give it a try.  Although I highly suggest you check out some of the other games that we here at Shark Games World have to offer.

Game Review: Paranormal Shark Activity

Shark Game Paranormal Shark Activity ReviewParanormal Shark Activity is a fun and very addicting flash game where you must avoid being eaten by the freakishly giant Shark.  It's a fun side scrolling style game that starts with you on the pier where you jump into the ocean to avoid the killer shark.  He will keep coming at you and all you can do is run.  Luckily you can swim and there are boxes for you to jump on in the ocean.  The key in this game is to keep yourself on the boxes as with every box you jump and land on, your score multiplier will increase.  If you land in the water, it will reset to zero.  As well you can get power ups in this game such as a bomb which you can throw at the shark to make him disappear for a bit.  The one thing though is you only have 1 life in this game.  When the shark gets you, it's game over.  So avoid him at all costs.  Paranormal Shark Activity is a great game and will give you countless games of endless fun.  Play today!

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